I. This Quality Policy applies to:

1) organization and conduct of exchange trading operations on the sale of foreign currency, derivative financial instruments (derivatives) and other exchange transactions related to them;

2) organization and conduct of exchange trading operations on the government security bonds, as well as storage and implementation of registration rights to them;

3) organization and conduct of interbank trading in the money market;

4) organization and conduct of credit and deposit auctions of the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan with commercial banks;

5) clearing and settlement of exchange transactions in national and foreign currencies.


II. Quality Policy Objectives:

1) contributing to the expansion of exchange trading opportunities and the formation on its basis of a reliable, transparent and innovative exchange market for the development of a favorable investment environment;

2) creating conditions for the further development of exchange trading, ensuring growth in the volume and liquidity of the exchange market, as well as assisting the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan in achieving the objectives of monetary and foreign exchange policy through the introduction of high-tech infrastructure and diversification of exchange products.


III. Obligations related to the implementation of the Quality Policy:

1) implementation of measures to improve and develop exchange trading and exchange infrastructure to ensure efficient and reliable service to bidders;

2) optimization and automation of operational activities and business processes;

3) deep diversification of exchange instruments;

4) introduction of new strategies for conducting exchange transactions and ensuring the execution of concluded exchange transactions;

5) expansion of technological services;

6) optimization of the regulatory framework and trading systems for the introduction of new exchange instruments;

7) expansion of the exchange bidders;

8) stimulating an increase in transaction volumes and maintaining the liquidity of exchange markets;

9) development of interaction with exchange bidders;

10) Formation and development of the institute of market-making in all exchange markets;

11) development of algorithms and mechanisms for determining exchange indicators;

12) implementation and improvement of the risk management system;

13) the organization of new electronic trading platforms and the development of software products;

14) development of functional capabilities of software products;

15) improvement of electronic document management and archiving processes in all business segments;

16) increasing the effectiveness of security systems;

17) targeting consumers of exchange services and meeting their expectations;

18) involvement of all employees in order to ensure cohesive activities to achieve positive results, as well as improving their skills

19) introduction of the principle of leadership and process approach in all types of activities.

The management of UZCE undertakes to take the necessary measures to:

1) the creation of appropriate conditions for fulfilling applicable regulatory and legislative requirements, allowing stable operation and expansion of technological services and the list of exchange-traded instruments;

2) maintain, improve and excel the Quality Management System;

3) demonstrate that principles are a priority for all categories of workers.